We took delivery of our new fleet of DuroCar carts 1 year ago. They are direct replacements for the Club Cars that we purchased 11 years ago. The vehicles are built with care and pride – it’s easy to tell by the quality of parts and workmanship. The carts are used day in, day out and our operators love them. Maintenance is straightforward and easy. In such a busy resort as Columbia, it is vital that our carts have a long charge life and quick recharge time. When the battery is fully charged, the DuroCar can run for almost a full work week. This saves time and enhances customer satisfaction. The configuration of the vehicles regarding space, seating, and storage is excellent, and they can easily transport a full load around the entire resort with constant stop/starts. Safety is also a priority. We are confident that the vehicle is safe for our guests and staff to travel in. The brakes are nothing but exceptional. Overall, we are very satisfied with the performance and safety of the DuroCar vehicles. They are without a doubt an asset to the resort and assist us in excelling and improving customer experience here. The professional team at Demetriades are a pleasure to work with, and always have been. They go out of their way to make our experience top class.
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