A unique design, 3 – seater city car, and eco-friendly electric driving experience with all round visibility and road awareness.

Smart design with only 2.39m length and width 1.2m allowing for traffic congestion avoidance and ease of parking, while up to two cars can be parked in one parallel parking space.

The ultra lightweight design leads to less energy consumption and higher fuel efficiency, with the typical cost to recharge being approximately 1€ per 100km range. 
In addition to cost savings, contributes to environmental protection. 
Zero CO2 emission all electric free maintenance motorcycle.

Two removable lightweight Li-ion batteries allowing for 100km range for approximately 0,90 €.

The mid-drive electric motor, ensures better weight distribution and lower centre of gravity, lending to handling, stability and driving experience.

MAIN FEATURES • LCD display • LED headlamp with light intensity up to 25000cd • Keyless & remote start • Two usb sockets
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